What Is A Good Golf Handicap? [Complete Guide]

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Every golfer likes to compare their ability to other golfers and use this as a benchmark for their own performance. It can be hard to know exactly if you are on the right path and leave you asking yourself, ‘what is a good golf handicap?’

The answer can often be up for debate as there is a wide range of thoughts about what constitutes ‘good’. However, in this complete guide we will bring you some key data and insights that can help answer the question. By knowing the answer to this question you will be in a better place to benchmark your golf score against others.

Handicap Overview

Basically, the golf handicap system was introduced by the United States Golf Association and the system calculates the rating of golf scores against certain criteria. This calculation gives a numerical measure of a golfer’s ability.

The reason that the golf handicap system is tried and tested amongst golfers is that it can accurately compute the total number of strokes allotted to golf players of all ranges.

What Is A Good Golf Handicap?

A good golf handicap can range depending on a range of factors. However by taking the USGA average we’d say a good handicap would be in the 13-17 range. If you are striving for a good handicap and are wondering how this translates to a round of golf then it would mean you score in the 90 range on a typical golf course.

However, the true answer to this will range on a wide variety of factors as ‘good’ is subjective. For example you may be new to the game. If this is the case then you are unlikely to be a scratch golfer. Additionally, you may have previously played as a 5 handicap but suffered a dip in form that has moved you to a 10 handicap. As you can see, there is no one size fits all approach.

Factoring In Course & Slope Rating

When calculating your golf handicap it is important to consider both the course rating and the slope rating. This is because these will vary by golf course and impact what your overall golf handicap is based on your golf score. This is because not all golf courses are created equally as some are much easier and some are much tougher. What constitutes a 90 on one course might be much more for the same golfer on another golf course of differing difficulty.

Golf Handicap Data

In Summary

To conclude, there are a range of factors that make up a good golf handicap. Overall though if you are in the 13-17 range then you are doing well (even if there is plenty of room for improvement!). It is important to remember that each golf course is different, therefore what makes a 90 and a handicap score on one course might not be the same at a different golf course.

The best way to keep on top of your own individual golf handicap is to use an easy golf handicap calculator. Simply enter your scores along with the course rating and slope rating to see what your handicap index is at any time.