How To Measure Golf Club Length [Step-By Step Guide]

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Throughout this guide we will explain exactly how to measure driver shaft length. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide you will be able to measure a driver shaft to fit your own specific needs in no time.

Having the right length for your golf shafts is so important because it helps with controlling the distance of golf shots. Additionally, a correctly fitting shaft length will help to develop consistency and confidence in your golf clubs.

Our steps will help you to ensure that your driver shafts are exactly the right ones for you. This will see you hitting drives not only better and more consistently than ever but if you were to choose the best driver shafts for distance you will also be hitting the ball further than ever.

4 Simple Steps To Measure Driver Shaft Length

Below we outline the 4 simple steps that are needed to measure driver shaft length so that you have the perfect driver shaft length to help you to add extra distance with your driver:

Step 1: Purchase A 48″ Aluminium Straight Edge Ruler

The first step is to purchase a 48″ Aluminium Straight Edge Ruler. The reason for this size ruler being the requirement is because you will be pressing the straight edge against the golf club and need something that is sturdy and a yardstick would be too short in this case.

Step 2: Place The Golf Club

The next step is to place the golf club. This involves having the driver placed upright and in a proper position in the same manner that you would for a normal tee shot. The bottom of the driver will be expected to be flat against the floor while measuring the length of the driver shaft.

Step 3: Place The Straight Edge Ruler

Thirdly, you will place the straight edge ruler against the upright golf driver. The ruler should be vertical to the ground when you measure driver shaft length and the ruler should touch the top of the golf driver.

Step 4: Read The Measurement At Bottom Of Grip

Next you will have a measurement at the bottom of the grip cap at the top of the golf driver. Read this measurement and that is the length required for the shaft of your driver.

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