Longest Golf Driver In The World (The Top 10 Of All Time!)

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In today’s guide we bring you the longest golf driver in the world across a range of criteria including individual instances, season long longest drivers as well as covering World Long Drive & The PGA Tour.

At the end of this post you will also have access to resources which can potentially increase your driver distance and who know’s, maybe one day you will make this list too!

Let’s get started!

Longest Golf Driver In The World (World Long Drive)

Individual World Long Drive Records:

Season Average World Long Drive Records

Longest Driver In Golf (PGA Tour)

Individual PGA Tour Drive Records

Season Average PGA Tour Drive Records

What Is The Longest Golf Driver To Buy

The longest hitting golf driver

In Summary – Who Is The Longest Golf Driver In The World?

Our #1 Choice For The Longest Hitting Golf Driver Is…