Best Golf Simulators For Home Use [2021 Guide & Reviews]

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Looking to play golf year round but want a solution that doesn’t break the bank and is reliable and easy to set up? Well you’re in the right place then as we’re about to cover the very best home golf simulators on the market in 2021 so that you can choose an option that suits you best.

Purchasing a simulator can be a great way to still get your golf fix year round, especially during those cold winter nights. However, it can be hard to know exactly which one to choose with several different options still out there on the market. We’ll go through a range of options fit for any budget that can be sure to get you out on the course even if it is raining outside but you fancy a round of 18 holes.

Each option has different pros and cons and we take a deep dive into each option and that will allow you to decide exactly which one is right for you to add to your home.

Best Home Golf Simulator: Quick Picks

SkyTrak HomeBay
Overall #1 Pick
Flightscope Mevo+ HomeBay
Alternative HomeBay Option
TruGolf Vista 10
Powerful Performance
Optishot Golf In A Box
Budget Option
SkyTrak SwingNet Package
Best For Tight Spaces


Before we dig into the details of each of our picks we’re going to cover what some of the main benefits are. You may hear about people who have these systems in their house and wondering just why should you install a home golf simulator such as SkyTrak hardware and software in yours to focus on your game improvement and improve your swing.

Ability To Play At Home

Well the main benefit is that you can play in your own home when you want and at your own pace. Sure you will be hitting off a mat vs grass but it is also usually much faster to play a round virtually than at an actual course. Additionally you are not dependent on what the weather forecast is. This is exactly why demand is so high. (Bloomberg)

Choose From Different Golf Course Types

When you are a member of a golf course you are limited to your own course which can get tedious to play over and over again. Even if you have access to other courses you are likely tied by geographic location. However, with simulators it really is possible to get a feel for leading courses in the world whether it be in California with Pebble Beach or Scotland with St Andrews!

Better Focus On Targeted Practice

Often at golf courses you find yourself in the flow of a round and unable to really focus on specific swing skills that are required to improve your swing and ball flight. By taking this approach you are much more able to take mulligan shots and focus on specific shot times. Additionally you will be able to get instant data about your game which is great for data driven improvement, especially with your own launch monitor suited to your needs. You can even combine this with the best golf training aids to work side by side with the simulator software and speed up your progress.


The average golf round lasts around 4 hours. However, if you want to gather with friends and complete a round of golf but are under time constraints then indoor golf could be for you. From our experience it is realistic to get through 18 holes within an hour on a simulator such as SkyTrak!

Additionally, sure you will see a large upfront investment golf simulator cost. However, when you add in the savings on memberships, the driving range and green fees then it really could be a shrewd decision to add this to your golf repertoire for the long term!

Is It Realistic?

One aspect of an indoor golf simulator system that put players off compared to the more traditional form of golf out in nature is that it simply might not be as realistic.

Whether you get a realistic home golf simulator experience or not can largely be dependent on whether or not you have set the system up properly. To add to this the quality of experience can vary depending on if you have the most budget option or a luxury simulator.

Nothing will replace the experience of being out on the golf course but where home golf simulators come into their own really is when it is the middle of winter and it is impossible to get out there onto a golf club or driving range. However, something to consider with the introduction of golf launch monitors to the market is that you can now measure club data much more in depth and introduce a tracking system to train whenever you want.

When you combine that with the other benefits above then there really is a compelling case to purchase one, especially if you are looking to improve your game.

In Detail: Best Golf Simulators of 2021

Now that you know which simulators we like, we’ll go into full detail of each one covering the pros and cons of each of our indoor golf simulator choices.

Choice #1: Skytrak HomeBay Golf Simulator

Overall #1 Pick

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skytrak homebay simulator

The SkyTrak HomeBay Golf Simulator is perhaps one of the most cost-effective ways to hone your golfing skills throughout the year without having to spend a fortune. This is great whether you want to practice with your driver or all of your golf clubs with their launch monitor and golf simulation software.

This SkyTrak launch monitor and simulator system gives you the most versatile and comprehensive golfing experience possible, by combining the Pro Series Golf Net with the Pro Series screen. With this option, you can shift back and forth between general practice and simulator mode on real PGA Tour world class golf courses in just a few seconds. Regardless of whether you want to lower your score, enhance your swing or have a blast with friends while enjoying the game that you love. 

When it comes to using this SkyTrak simulator, it is normally better to have a space of 8 x 10 x 12 feet available for you to work with (View our simulator space guide here). Be sure to double check the ceiling height as this is often the biggest limitation concerning the backswing. In addition to they, to set up your simulator, you will need a compatible computer, iPad or any other compatible device. The instructions within the SkyTrak package are relatively clear, so you shouldn’t run into any difficulty while setting the simulator up.


  • Flexible
  • Cost Effective
  • Reliable


  • None

Choice #2: FlightScope Mevo Plus HomeBay

Alternative HomeBay Option

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flightscope mevo plus homebay simulator

An alternative to the SkyTrak option would be the comparible Flightscope Mevo Plus Homebay Simulator. (We compare their differences here). Just like with the SkyTrak simulator you get all of the additional HomeBay features to turn it into your own home golf simulator experience.

These additional features include the same golf hitting mat, Pro Series Golf Net and Pro Series Screen.

If you have the space and budget for a screen then you can’t go wrong with the HomeBay simulation systems as they have all of the essential equipment in a nicely packaged format.

When it comes to choosing between this and the SkyTrak model it all depends on your preference. Personally, we feel that for an indoor simulator the SkyTrak is more robust and comprehensive. However, where the Mevo Plus stands it is that it will be a flexible option that can be used as an outdoor launch monitor.

In terms of gameplay on the Flightscope Mevo Plus simulation system you will find great graphics combined without much of a delay. However, you will need plenty of room between the ball and the screen as it is a Doppler system.

Choice #3: TruGolf Vista 10

Powerful Performance

trugolf vista 10

What separates this option from some of the others, is mostly the improved core performance, which boasts a much deeper enclosure for a more transparent and brighter image. As a bonus, if you don’t want to put up with the hassle of setting up your golf simulator, this may be the option for you, as no tools are required for installation. Furthermore, unlike Vista 8, this option is very portable and has an ultra-light-weight frame. 

Compared to the Vista 8, the additional software contains an ever broader range of clubs, courses and an extra practice option. Not to mention the important software which provides feedback about your launch angle, ball speed, swing speed, ball flight and much more.  option, but if you are prepared to fork out a little bit more to really take your game and swing to the next level, then this might be the very best golf simulator for you. 

Choice #4: Optishot Golf In A Box 

Best Budget Choice

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optishot golf in a box

This Optishot 2 golf simulator has everything that you need to make your virtual golfing experience as accurate as possible. If you are looking for the best simulator for under $1000 then here is our top pick. The most notable feature of this golf simulator is the 16 high-speed 48 MHz sensors that will be calibrated to track your golf club swing. This means that this golf simulator can be adjusted to closely match your own unique needs, and allow for the most realistic experience possible. 

With this cheap golf simulator, I don’t think you will ever find yourself bored or out of options. This golf simulator has more than 15 golf courses for you to choose from within their software system, and a whole range of game types that you can use to keep yourself entertained or practice your swing. The only potential downside that could be mentioned about this simulator is that it does take a little bit of time to get it set up, but once you do, you won’t be too far away from mastering your skills and lowering your golf score.

Optishot recommend that you set aside at least one hour to set up this golf simulator and hitting mat. Once you are up and running the setup and bring down time is quick which makes it a great choice as a garage golf simulator.

When it comes to space requirements, Optishot recommend dedicated dimensions of 8.6  x 11 x 16 feet, which is considerable larger than some other options. Make sure to factor this into account when selecting the best golf simulators. 

Like SkyTrak this is a great budget choice!

Choice #5: SkyTrak SwingNet Package 

Best For Shared Areas

skytrak swingnet package

Last but not least, we have the SkyTrak SwingNet Package. If you will be using your simulator unit in a shared area, then this might be the best option for you for indoor golf.

Whether it’s a basement, media room, garage or any other area that is shared with the family, this simulator is perfect for those who will need the area restored after each use.

The entire package can be either set up or stripped down in just a matter of minutes, thanks to the highly simple and convenient structure. 

This package is formed around perhaps the most reputable launch monitor on the entire market, the Skytrak Golf Launch Monitor. With this purchase you will also get access to the software system and metal case.

This option is also to be found at a fairly reasonable price, and you will struggle to find a better option for a Flex room than this one.

Golf Simulator Setup

Now that you’ve decided which of the options above is best for you let’s take a deeper look into what is needed to actually get it set up ready for play in your home and what considerations you might need to make before you make your purchase and start making progress on your swing.


Firstly, it will be important to consider what your budget is. As you can see above there are a range of launch monitors and golf simulators perfect for any budget that you can select. Therefore whether you want something that is cheap or a more premium option then it is important to pick the best one for you.

You will also need to consider that you will need a range of equipment before you hit any golf ball in your home. Some of the equipment you will need includes a golf mat, golf net/ golf screen and a laptop.

Room Size

You should also know where you will be keeping your simulator before you set up. This is because some options are better for larger spaces and more importantly if you would be using a small space then you probably are going to have a more limited choice of simulators to choose from. You will also need to consider the ceiling height.

Equipment Requirements

Depending on which package you choose and how you buy your home golf simulator there may be other requirements on top of your package such as a hitting mat. Alternatively you could choose an all in one solution such as the SkyTrak budget package.

In Summary: The Best Home Golf Simulator Of 2021 Is…

When it comes to choosing which option is best for you in 2021 to improve your game it all depends on your own individual circumstances and buying criteria. For example if you choose the SkyTrak Budget Package then you get everything you will need for the best SkyTrak price possible and access to some of the worlds greatest courses with that.

Indoor Golf is surging in popularity and with more and more golf courses becoming available on them this is only going to increase further (PGA Tour). Therefore, with purchasing one being a reasonable investment that is where you can get real bang for your buck.

However, if you are looking to save even more money and have access to some kind of golf simulator package in your home then you may be more inclined to try the OptiShot Golf In A Box system which although a budget option still provides an indoor golfing experience year round and is a great way to get started.

Ultimately the choice that you make all depends on your own specific preferences and what you feel is the best investment for you to make progress with your golf swing even if it is raining and snowing outside.