Best Golf Swing Plane Trainer In 2021 [Our Top 6 Picks!]

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Many golfers want to add both distance and accuracy to their shots. The problem is they often don’t know where to start. Unfortunately it isn’t an overnight process and like many other things in life it takes hard work and time to get right.

Thanks to advances in equipment now is a great time to improve your swing for more consistency and distance. There is a wide range of choices on the market when it comes to golf swing plane trainers.

In our complete guide we cover a range of the best golf swing trainers which can be used to address a range of golf swing needs from consistency, to form to club speed. No matter what your exact needs are there is likely an option for you that can improve your swing technique for better golf scores.

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Best Golf Swing Trainer: Quick Picks

SKLZ Golf Tempo Weighted Trainer

Great Value Overall Trainer

Golf Swing Plane Trainer Benefits

Improved Distance

Investing in golf swing trainers will help you strengthen your swing as well as strengthen your core. Several golf swing trainers have proven to be helpful for people with the issue of full swings and wiggling out of them, as well as giving them ultimate flexibility as well as increased feel and consistency.

Improved Ball Striking

You can improve your ball striking skills by implementing a swing trainer as part of your training routine at home or at the driving range. The only way you can improve your golf game is to feel comfortable with your swing, regardless of how good you are as a golfer. This is the case even if you are on the PGA Tour. The easiest way to get better at swinging the club consistently will be to get the best swing trainers available as this can prepare you properly for stepping out onto the golf course.

Improved Hand/Eye Coordination

Good hand/ eye coordination is crucial when swinging the golf club. Without it you won’t be able to make solid connections when you swing the golf club. This can lead to you topping the golf ball or slicing the golf ball. These are both things that will not aid improving your golf handicap.

By working on your hand/eye coordination you will feel more comfortable within your swing and get a better sense of how to make a consistent swing.

Types Of Swing Training Aids

A golfer can train with a variety of different types of golf swing trainers to improve their game. They all work differently depending on which specific type they are but they’re designed as a way for you to find a golf swing that works for you. In this section, we’re going to focus on some of the most popular types of golf swing trainers that you can utilize. 

Weighted Clubs

Weighted golf clubs are one of the best ways to train your golf swing. A number of training aids are available that aim to assist you in finding a better balance with your swing as well as making you more proficient in swinging the club faster in order to add more distance to a golf ball.

Swing Circles

You can use a swing circle for training and working on your swing plane in a pretty straightforward manner. You can apply this technique to your swing to improve consistency and get more power from your rotation and this can help with the correct technique in your swing.

Best Golf Swing Trainers: Our Picks

Below we go into more detail about our top picks for the best golf swing trainers.

Orange Whip

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orange whip

The Orange Whip is a great choice for golfers who are looking for a tool which will serve to add more consistency and a better overall feel when striking the golf club. Through the use of counterweights, this program targets both flexibility and muscle growth, so it can serve as both a great golf workout and a great way to improve golf swing consistency. 

With its extra length, this golf swing trainer helps you push your body in an exaggerated way in conjunction with your swing. It allows you to adjust your swing speed and will help you hit in such a way that your whole body remains connected when making a swing.

Superspeed Golf

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superspeed golf training

An extremely lightweight option that is really easy to store and carry around is the SuperSpeed Golf System. With an easy to understand program you will be up and running in no time and as the name suggests, this product is all about improving your swing speed and in turn your carry distances.

The product works by slowing down your swing while you are practicing thanks to their weighted golf clubs. This gives you the benefit of improving your swing balance and swing tempo while being able to accelerate faster during your down swing.

To add to this, it doesn’t matter what your starting point is as their program works to help golfers from those who are beginners to more experienced golfers looking to add some extra yards to their drives.

SKLZ Tempo

sklz tempo

If you find that you swing speed and tempo is inconsistent and don’t know where to start then look no further than the SKLZ Tempo Weighted Club. Coming with a durable weighted club you will benefit from a strong club that can act as a practice club that you can take around with you from home to the golf course. Thanks to its size you can even take it with you and get some practice swings in right before you step out onto the first tee.

What we also love about this product is that compared to some of the alternatives on this list it is much more affordable. It may be worth choosing this product if you are looking build swing muscle memory but don’t want to to invest much money into your first golf swing plane trainer.

Full Circle PVC Trainer

full circle pvc trainer

If you want to improve your swing plane, you can practice it by using the Full Circle PVC Circle. It is a good warm up before you play or you can use it in conjunction with an individualized golf training program.

By using a tool such as this and arranging the movement of your hips in this fashion, you will be able to maintain a wider arc when swinging the golf club.

IZZO Smooth Swing

izzo smooth swing

In comparison with everything else on the list, it is the cheapest option and can be used to supplement your training with other products. By using the IZZO Smooth Swing, you’ll be able to improve the presence of your swing through improved control.

Despite its extremely light weight, this swing trainer offers great benefits wherever you choose to practice. This device offers the player a method for keeping his back elbow close to the body during a swing, thereby maximizing control of the arms and body movements when playing golf.

Lag Shot Golf

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lag shot golf

One other swing trainer that you can use to find a more consistent golf swing is the Lag Shot. This club is similar to normal 7 iron. However it has a flexible shaft and is heavier than your average golf club. You will improve your swing tempo and lag for your down swing by investing in this option. Also, it is an excellent way to get your club face squared up for more accurate golf shots.

With a wide range of practice drills possible with the Lag Shot, you will be able to take it to the driving range to easily work on your game.

Best Golf Swing Trainer: In Summary

There are many different ways in which you can get a better golf swing that you can use to lower your golf handicap and improve your game as you can see from our collection of the best golf swing trainers. A golf swing trainer is a great way to find consistency with your golf swing and iron out issues such as an extreme hook or a slice shot.

The SuperSpeed system may work for you if you’re looking for a faster clubhead speed. However, if you want a better balance, something like the Orange Whip could help. It all depends on what your own personal preference and requirements are.

You still need to practice on the driving range or at home to feel the full swing benefits, as with anything in life, the more that you put into it the more benefits you will get out of it. You may also wish to invest in other affordable training apparatus such as golf impact bag. You can view our selections of the top picks here.