Best Golf Clubs [2020]

The best golf clubs can vary depending on the specific skill level and needs of the golfer in question. The problem with the question ‘What are the best golf clubs?’ is that there is not a one size fits all when it comes to golf clubs. Different golfers have different skill levels and because of this will need different equipment. For example the loft of the driver on a beginner driver would be different to that for a mid-handicapper because of the different speed that they swing at. To make your life easier, we have completed extensive research as to exactly what the best golf clubs in 2020 are. On this page we also answer some of the top frequently asked questions when it comes to finding the top golf clubs.

It is also worth keeping in mind that just because you buy a golf club set in one go, you can also look to tailor the set to your game and change the golf clubs individually as your game changes.

Best Golf Clubs By Category In 2020

Below you can select the best golf club sets against a range of criteria:

Top Picks

Looking to save time and want to see what some of our top picks are which make multiple of our complete guides? If so then below we’ve covered three quick picks that we love!