Best Golf Clubs For Tall Men [2021 Top 4 Picks!]

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Golf clubs are all built differently. How can you tell if a club is made for a tall person? Until you pick up the golf club and swing it, you can’t know how it will feel. 

Tall men face a huge disadvantage when it comes to golf. Their clubs are often either too short or not heavy enough, so they can’t generate enough power for shots with standard clubs. 

So when you buy golf clubs for tall men, you want to find clubs that feel good to swing and help with straighter shots. This will help the average golfer to shoot better golf scores. How do you do it? This article details the best golf clubs for tall men and how to find the best one for you.

What Are The Best Golf Clubs For Tall Men?

Our top 3 picks for the best golf clubs for tall men are the following:

Why Golf Club Fit is So Important

Going for a golf club fitting is so important, especially if you are a taller golfer. Below we highlight some of the key reasons why.


There are a lower number of golfers who fit a standard golf club set than you would expect. This illustrates why golf club fitting for tall golfers when looking for a golf club set is essential. The critical golfing skill is to hit the ball right from the center of the clubface, which should be square to the target. The required precision is unattainable unless you use a perfectly fitting club, which is why tall players need tall golf clubs. In addition, there is no perfect definition of the standard club in the industry, so there are discrepancies with the standard clubs and their sizes.

Hitting Fat Shots

A steep swing means a more aggressive and deeper divot. This is an easier way to play for many amateurs, especially those with a high handicap who need beginner clubs. Swinging shallow would be easier to do with longer clubs, although that would put you farther from the ball. This kind of swing is perfect on shorter shots, where the added spin becomes an advantage. Getting your clubs custom fitted would solve this problem, but this is an expense unless you are a low-handicapper.


Putting is the process of hitting the ball softly using the club, usually when the ball is already near the hole. 35% to 40% of your score will be attributed to your putting. The right height will give you the confidence to hit the ball consistently and with better finesse. If you use a golf club that is too short for your height, it is impossible to get the right feel. A club adapted to your size will allow for more consistency, better touch, and a smaller number of putts.

Best Golf Clubs for Tall Men In 2021: In Detail

Clubs #1: Callaway Strata Ultimate Golf Set

Callaway Strata Ultimate Complete Set

Editor’s Choice

  • Affordable
  • Built For Beginners & Seniors
  • Lightweight
  • Forgiving

Callaway has released several options aimed at taller golfers than average. The newest of the choices is the Strata Ultimate Series of clubs specifically designed to make it easier for taller golfers to enjoy the game. When golfers are taller than average, they often find it challenging to play the game because they cannot get the right club for their height.

The Callaway Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set is designed to make it easier for tall golfers to enjoy a game of golf. The clubs are not only designed for taller people, but they are also highly sleek and beautiful, making them a good choice for any golfer, especially beginners and intermediate golfers or seniors with a low swing speed who are looking for something that is easy to hit.

Clubs #2: Cobra F-Max

Cobra F-Max

  • Premium Choice
  • Large Sweet Spot
  • Great For Distance Control

When you’re a tall man who loves to play golf, finding the perfect golf clubs for taller golfers can be quite a challenge. Most sets available at the local sporting goods store are designed for average height or shorter men. While many brands can make a set of golf clubs more suitable for taller players, the Cobra F Max golf set was designed specifically to meet the needs of tall players who are intermediate golfers.

Cobra understands that taller golfers have unique needs when it comes to quality clubs. This is why they created the F Max golf set. They carefully chose the clubs in this set to offer the perfect combination of distance control and accuracy, making them an excellent choice for taller players looking to hit the sweet spot more often.

Clubs #3: Precise M5

Precise M5

  • +1″ Design
  • Comfortable Feel
  • Great For Control

The following is an overview of the Precise M5 golf clubs for tall men. The Precise M5 set of golf clubs has everything the taller golfer needs to be successful. These clubs come with a driver with an aerodynamic design, woods, and stainless steel iron to PW for greenside control. They also include a bag and a putter. The bag has room for 14 clubs, and it’s stylish without being too flashy, and comes at a reasonable price point.

With a +1″ design, they are designed to be a perfect fit for the taller golfer looking for tall sizes. They created the extra length of the Precise M5 Golf Clubs from the ground up to provide a longer set for the taller men than regular clubs. They also will give a more comfortable feel which will help with consistent performance.

Clubs #4: Pinemeadow Men’s PGX Golf Set

Pinemeadow Men’s PGX Golf Set

Editor’s Choice

  • Affordable
  • Built For Beginners & Seniors
  • Lightweight
  • Forgiving

The Pinemeadow Men’s PGX Golf Set is perfect for tall and average height people, especially those on a budget looking for the best golf clubs for the money. This set includes a 460cc driver, two-hybrid irons, one fairway wood, and an 8-PW set of irons. All of these clubs are crafted from Pinemeadow’s high-performance graphite shafts. The driver is a regular flex, while the stainless steel irons are stiff flex and easy to hit. The set also includes a beautiful stand bag and a Head golf towel.

They may not be as high quality as some of the other golf clubs on this list. However, they are very budget-friendly and great for the beginner golfer and taller player. At this price point, guys 6’4″ and taller will enjoy being able to get a complete set of golf clubs.

Criteria For Buying Tall Men Golf Clubs

Wrist Height From The Ground

Although it is not as bad as it used to be, finding clubs that fit a taller person easily can still be a challenge. To find clubs that suit you, you will need to understand your height and wrist distance to the ground.

Club Set vs. Individual Golf Clubs

To address the issue of choosing a club set by itself or individually, golfers need to consider the following factors:

1. Find out what type of player you are and which clubs (set or individual) will be best for you.

2. Compare the overall price for the individual clubs vs. a club set that includes everything you need to start playing golf (driver, fairway woods, etc.). You are allowed 14 clubs in a bag so it is worth knowing what you would like when it comes to knowing how to organize clubs in a golf bag.

3. Determine whether or not investing in an entire club set is worth it, considering that a whole group can be purchased more cheaply than individual pieces separately at most stores. (Global Golf)

Shaft Length

We found that golf shafts are generally sized based on height. The best golf clubs for tall people are the ones that are appropriately fitted to the height of the golfer. When you buy golf clubs, it is essential to have the proper length of the shaft. Some golfers tend to buy longer shafts to swing faster and harder while maintaining an upright stance. However, golfers must not sacrifice accuracy for speed. Tall golfers should buy a shaft that is the ‘correct’ length. They must also ensure that the grip is comfortable, which is another important consideration when buying golf clubs.

Lie Angle

While it is not as crucial for shorter golfers, it is critical where you are tall. Tall players need to ensure that the lie angle of their clubs is correct. If their lie angle is too shallow, they will struggle to get a full swing and hit the ball straight.

If your lie angle is too steep, they will struggle to get distance from their shots because the clubhead will be pointing away from them instead of over them. The reason for this difference in lie angles affects tall players much more than shorter ones who have a decent strike zone to begin with and can achieve full force without jerking too much at impact. This is why golf club sizing is so important.


Golf clubs can be expensive, which means that you should consider the price you pay for your initial investment. When buying your golf clubs, you should concentrate on what type of clubs you need, as most amateur golfers will be looking to pay an affordable price while still finding the perfect choice for them. It is also worth factoring in the cost for golf club fitting.


When buying golf clubs, durability is an important consideration. Golfers want their clubs to be durable as it will save them money and time in the long run. Durability is measured by how long the club lasts before breaking, cracking, or being severely dented under regular use.

Golfers who buy cheap clubs risk the chances of their clubs breaking or cracking within months, which is undesirable. One way to curb this is to find affordable quality golf equipment from reputable brands such as Callaway or TaylorMade.

In Summary: Which Are The Best Choices For Tall Golfers?

In summary, no one choice is right or wrong. The short answer to this question is – it depends. However, we have provided a list of a range of the best choices for most golfers. The best golf clubs for tall men will vary from person to person depending on their height and playing style, but by choosing the right choice, you will be able to hit golf balls in the sweet spot and hit straighter shots.

If you are looking to invest in a high-quality set that will be able to stand the test of time, then the Cobra F Max may be best for you. However, if you are looking for an affordable set, especially if you are a beginner, then the Callaway Strata Ultimate Set or the Pinemeadow Set are great affordable options.