Best Driver Shafts For Distance In 2021 [Our Top 7 Picks!]

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Best Driver Shafts For Distance Main ImageHaving the right driver shaft can improve your all round driving on a golf course. One of the features that having the right driver shaft can improve is driving distance, which is something all golfers crave. Throughout this guide we will bring you the very best driver shafts for distance.

With each of our top 7 driver shafts for distance we shall explore the pros and cons of each one to help you make the best choice when buying your next driver shaft.

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In A Hurry? Here’s Our #1 Pick

distance driver shaft 1

Accuflex Assassin II World Champion Long Drive

Editor’s Choice

  • Great For All Levels
  • Affordable
  • Great for Distance
  • Great Design

2021 Quick Picks – Best golf Driver Shafts For Distance

Check out our quick picks below to get a quick summary of top choices for the best driver shafts for distance.

Our Top Picks Of Best Driver Shafts For Distance

Although the best driver shafts for distance will vary for each individual, we have covered many of the varying factors for you and curated our list of our top 7 choices to help you to hit further drives.

Our top picks offer the highest quality options for adding distance to your drives while factoring in other key factors such as affordability and durability of the driver shafts.

Golf Driver Shaft #1: Accuflex Assassin II World Champion Long Drive

Overall #1 Pick

distance driver shaft 1

We love this distance driver shaft! As the name suggests, the driver shaft is endorsed World Long Drive and with a great reputation amongst it’s users it is a certainty on our list of the best driver shafts for distance.

Add to this it’s competitive pricing within the driver shaft market and this is a solid choice for golfers looking to add a driver shaft that will increase their driving distance. It is a true long drive shaft!

Golf Driver Shaft #2: Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Shaft

Good Value

distance driver shaft 2

Second on our list of the best driver shafts for distance is this shaft by Fujikura. As with all of the contenders on this list, this shaft is designed to add distance to your driving on the course and the driving range. However, we place this near the top of the list because it is also a great value option compared to some of the more premium choices of golf driver shafts that we will look at later in this guide.

Golf Driver Shaft #3: Project X PXV Stiff 6.0 Flex Driver Shaft

High Quality

Distance driver shaft 3
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The Project X PXV Stiff 6.0 Flex Driver Shaft is another great choice on our list. For golfers who invest so much into their equipment such as their golf drivers it can also be hard to want to spend hundreds on a custom driver shaft. This is why we love this.

It offers premium results with value pricing which is exactly what people love when picking golfing equipment.

Golf Driver Shaft #4: Fujikura Speeder Evolution V474

Premium Choice

Now for our most luxury, premium choice of distance driver shafts. It is the Fujikura Speeder Evolution V 474. Despite the high end pricing, it is a great club choice for regular golfers, especially those with smooth, slower swings who struggle for long distances. This is because of the light weight of the shaft and premium quality ensuring that it works to it’s maximum potential.

Golf Driver Shaft #5: ALDILA Quaranta 50

All Round Choice

For those looking to spend a little more in their bid to find a driver shaft that will add distance to their drives then we recommend the ALDILA Quaranta 50 Driver Shaft.

 As you’d expect when spending more money on a product that is more premium, you would expect to see the results and with this driver shaft that is certainly the case.

Golf Driver Shaft #6: Graphite Tour AD VR 5

Luxury Option

Distance driver shaft 6

We couldn’t do a roundup of the best driver shafts for distance without ensuring that the Graphite Design Tour AD VR 5 made the list. Again, this isn’t on the value end of the spectrum and this is something that would be seen as a long term investment due to the price. However, with that being said with such a lightweight shaft of the highest quality, you can be sure that you will be seeing improved results with your drives in no time.

Golf Driver Shaft #7: Accuflex Vizion Ultralite

Budget Choice

Distance driver shaft 7

If you are looking for a great value driver shaft then look no further than the Accuflex Vizion Ultralite as it is a great all round option that can be sure to enable you to drive the golf ball further.

With it being a great all round option that is affordable and does exactly what customers are looking for when they are searching for a great driver shaft for distance it is a popular choice amongst buyers.

How To Fit Your Golf Driver Shaft?

The best thing to do once you have purchased your driver shaft is to go to a professional golf center where they will be able to fit the driver shaft to your exact requirements. If you are based in the United States then an example of a great professional service for a driver shaft fitting would be Golf Galaxy’s Driver Fitting Service.

Will A Long Drive Shaft Help Me Score Better?

Driving distance matters but there are also a range of factors that are important when it comes to scoring in golf. For example it is also important to ensure that you can hit straight drives to fully maximize your scores, while selecting a driver that suits your needs no matter whether you use a beginner driver or a senior driver.

In Summary – The Best Driver Shaft For Distance In 2021 Is…

Overall, we have found it hard to decide on what the best driver shaft for distance is. This is because there are so many different options on the market ranging from the premium options which cost hundreds of dollars compared to the value yet functional golf driver shafts. However, we have concluded that the best all round driver shaft for distance is the AccuFLEX Assassinn II World Champion Long Drive Golf Shaft. It does exactly what it says in terms of adding distance to your golf drives and is also a great value option so unless you are looking to invest more than $100 we would suggest that this is the best choice. For such a low investment you will be able to add more distance which can reduce your scores for the next time that you check your handicap.